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May-Dec 2020 | Online Webinar Series

18 May 2020 | 1st Webinar


Tomorrow is digital -- we help you to accelerate your digital transformation today not tomorrow by bringing you the top IT leaders and business executives from the local and international markets to share their stories on how they transformed their businesses and the effective strategies and tactics they used.
We also bring you exclusive offers and solutions from the best vendors and IT Partners so you can find the best resources to kick-off your digital transformation journey.

A new curriculum for a new era.

Cloud Technologies
Cloud Technologies
Cloud computing is now inevitable and it will the mainstream going forward with the uncertainty of the coming few years with coronavirus disputing every business.
Cloud Technologies
Security & Privacy
Millions of cyber attacks are affecting thousands of businesses every day, making it’s crucial for IT Leaders to invest heavily in protecting their assets.
Cloud Technologies
Data & AI
Data is growing at unpredictable rates and Artificial Intelligence will be the only way to benefit from our data assets and will disrupt every aspect of our businesses.
Cloud Technologies
Customer Experience
Maintaining excellent customer experience is becoming crucial for the sustainability of your business, and you must have omnichannel customer support to achieve that.

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